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Cindy stands behind podium on communications hill

A message of safety

Supervisor Chavez warns the community of the dangers of fireworks ahead of wildfire season in a PSA televised from Communications Hill.

Cindy speaks at Agrihood site

Agriculture meets affordable housing

Supervisor Chavez visits the construction site of Agrihood in Santa Clara, a first-of-its-kind senior housing project.

Cindy meets with firefighters

Welcoming the heroes

Cindy welcomes County, City and State fire officials at a public safety press conference.

Cindy at ODA

A mission of equity and accessibility

Cindy celebrates with disability rights activists after announcing the creation of the Office of Disability Affairs.

Cindy poses with the pride flag in front of the "Vax Mobile"

Celebrating pride

Cindy celebrating pride and promoting vaccines at the 2021 Silicon Valley Pride Parade!


Call To Action: Wear A Mask

Call To Action: Get The Vaccine

PSA 3 - Get Tested, Get the Vaccine

PSA 4 - We Want You Back